Autism Awareness Cookies



       Some of you may already know, but before I became “Work at Home Momma”, I was a teacher!  I taught for five years after graduating college- Fire Up Chips!   In those short five years, I taught a wide range of students in a variety of places. I taught in every grade 5-8 in 3 cities and 2 states!  During this time I was fortunate enough to work with students that will forever hold a place in my heart of all different walks of life, with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

       Each year that I taught I had at least one student in my class that was on the Autism Spectrum.  And let me tell you, they sure gave me a run for my money and put a smile on my face!!  So when I was asked to create cookies for Autism Awareness, I was more than excited!

       I decided to create the Autism Awareness Ribbon (which is not a singular color like most awareness ribbons, rather a pattern of 4 colored puzzle pieces) and a heart with those same puzzle pieces, which is also a recognizable symbol for Autism Awareness.  According to,

 “Autism puzzle pieces are used as a symbol to reflect the complexity and mystery of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.Due to the fact different people are affected by autism differently, there are a variety of puzzle pieces used. Each one represents the different ways that different people are affected by the disorder. The puzzle pieces are also used to represent that the cure for the disorder is yet to be found and remains a puzzle. Different puzzle pieces are also used to represent the broad group of autism spectrum disorders.”


       Here is the step by step for the hearts.  I started by piping the outline of the four puzzle pieces in black.  Also note, I did 3 dozen, one color at a time, so by the time I finished filling with one color, the first cookies I filled were dry enough for the next color without  worrying about them running together.  If you are doing less you will want to allow them to dry for at least a half hour between colors!


       The ribbons were done similarly, but I just patterned the colors more often to fill in all of the pieces.


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