Bird Cut-Outs – Thank You Cookies


Guess what?!!

    My next door neighbors are having a baby!!!!!  Yippeee!  The “momma-to-be’s” coworkers were kind enough to throw her a baby shower, and as a thank you she wanted to bring some cookies to the shower with her.  Her only directions to me were she wanted the theme to be “Thank You” and pink.  Oh yeah did I mention they are having a GIRL!

       I came across these cookies by Haniela.  Which gave me the inspiration to do a similar design except with cut outs of the baby birds!

       PS I got these adorable cutters here.

       I started by rolling out my dough and cutting the scalloped circle like normal.  Then I cut the baby bird out from the lower half of the circle cut out.  Before baking, I separated the, now, two cookies.




       If your dough is anything like mine, it spreads a little while baking, so when the cookie came out of the oven, the baby bird cut out didn’t look as clean cut as I would like it.  I used the cookie cutter to re-cut the baby bird shape while the cookies were still warm.

Bird Cut Outs 3


       Once the cookies were cool, (I usually wait until the next day if possible) I outline the scalloped circle and the baby bird cut out.  I flooded the cookie with white icing and let it dry overnight.  The next day I piped on the dots and the words “Thank You”.

Bird Cut Outs 4


       This is the full set!  Do you love it???



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