There is a cookie thief on Mackinac Island! (bachelorette cookies)


GIA 5 & EVERETT 3 BIRTHDAY 2016-132     It had been years since I had visited Mackinac Island, known for its strong history, beautiful views, its ban on motor vehicles and its delicious fudge, when one of my best friends of over 20 years decided to make it the site of her weekend long bachelorette party. Needless to say, I was excited for a girls weekend with old friends and it was clearly and occasion for cookies!

That's How I Dough Champagne Glass Cookies

I made these simple, but beautiful champagne glasses to share with the girls all weekend long.  I carefully packaged them in freezer bags and an airtight container, and placed them safely on the floor of the car.  After a successful four and a half hour drive with my other bestie, we (me, my friend and my cookies) had arrived at the ferry port in Mackinaw City.  We parked our car and the ferry attendants came to tag our luggage.  I gave him my clothing bags and the gift for the bride to be, but he wasn’t getting my cookies.  Oh no, I was holding on to those babies for the whole boat ride over to the island!

That's How I Dough Champagne Glass Cookies

Upon arrival on the island we awaited a horse drawn “taxi” to our hotel, and the luggage attendant assured us that our luggage would all be hauled up in the next taxi all together on a little trailer.  So, not wanting to carry any more than we had to the twelve ladies there for the party started adding more of our belongings into the little trailer….and that was the last I saw of my beautiful, untasted sugar cookies.


When our luggage trailer arrived, suspiciously everything was there, except the cookies.  We asked at a few hotels in the same vicinity to no avail.  I kept hope all weekend that these lovely ladies and I would get to share in a cookie toast to the bride to be, however, I am sad to say this story does not have a happy cookie ending- there is a cookie thief on Mackinac Island (at least I hope someone was eating them and they didn’t go to waste)   The story does however have an entire weekend full of girls weekend fun, riding bikes, eating fudge, riding in horse drawn buggies, dancing and girl bonding!  So I guess, when all is said and done this story has a very happy ending!

emilys bachelorette party


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