Mother’s Day Gifts for the Baker Mom!


This year Mother’s Day is undoubtably going to be different for Mother’s around the world. Many mother’s with grown children and grandkids won’t be able to see or hug her “babies” and mommies of little ones won’t be getting their homemade gifts sent home from school, but Mother’s Day is still on and there are so many ways to still show your love. I know so many women that have taken to the kitchen during this time and are experimenting and baking more than ever. Give the mom in your life the tools she needs to be successful in the kitchen. This is a list of some of my favorite tools to use in the kitchen (and a few I wish I had… hint, hint, hint 😉 )

  1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer: This mixers has infinite uses from , cakes, cookies, and icing to pasta, shredding veggies and making ice cream. it comes with a beater attachment but has so many options for add ons! I like the 6 quart for my use but the 5 quart is a little smaller and might be useful for the mom that doesn’t need to make large batches at a time like I do! 6qt>> 5 qt>>

2. Joseph Joseph Rolling Pin: This rolling pin is a saving grace! The guide discs on each end help to roll evenly each time. Perfect for cookie dough, pie crust, fondant and more!

3. Apron: Can’t hurt to look cute in the kitchen and this apron is on my Mother’s Day wish list!! It is so cute and flirty and comes in several prints. Oh yeah, and it will keep your clothes clean too!

4. Silicone Pastry Mat: I started using silicone rolling mats about a year ago, and I will never go back! It gives you a non slip and not stick surface to roll out your dough. Also, offers easy clean up and doesn’t take up much storage space!

5. Cookie Cutters: This set of circle cookie cutters are probably my most used cutters! Every size you could need for cookies, mini pies, doughnuts, fondant, pastries and more!

6. Muffin Pan: Cupcakes are always a crowd favorite! But when I see this pan I see not only cupcakes, but muffins, egg cups, mini cheesecakes, cookie bowls, the list goes on…. And this one even comes with a handy lid!

7. Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer: Hand Mixers are a must have for any kitchen! I love mine for a million different uses, but you need to click on the link to see all the beautiful colors this one comes in!!!

8. Food Coloring Gel Paste: Last but not least, my favorite food colorings! Once I started using these I realized I was using way to much of the others stuff to achieve the colors I wanted! I also really like the squeeze bottle that allows me to the just one drop of gel color at a time if I just need a little bit! Depending on the amount of baking the mother in your life does, you can choose from a pack of 4, 8, 12, 50, or 70 different colors!!!!

I hope this list gave you some inspiration for some of the most important women in your life (maybe even including yourself!). For more ideas visit my Amazon Shop at

Happy Mother’s Day! Stay Safe and Healthy

XOXO- Stefanie


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