Rubber Stamped Parisian Cookies


Hey Everyone!

       Welcome to my very first blog post! (YAY!) I hope you like my cookies and find the tutorial helpful. Be sure to leave me comments and share my page with your friends via Facebook, Pinterest, or (gasp) real life conversation.


       These Parisian themed cookies were made for a birthday party of a friend’s mother, and they were the first time I rubber stamped cookies! I absolutely loved the way they turned out!

       I used this photo from our friend as inspiration. See the postcard writing and stamp in the background. I was lucky enough to find a perfect stamp at Michaels!!

 image005       Here is the stamp I got at Michaels, I believe it was $12.99 but of course I used a 40% off coupon 😉


Here’s what you need:

-piping consistency ivory and black icing

-flood consistency ivory icing

-your icing bags and tips of choice

-Rubber stamp

-Black Americolor airbrush color

-paint brush (I got my food safe paint brushes at Hobby Lobby)

       Start by outlining and flooding the cookie with ivory icing. Let this base dry overnight to be sure that it is dry and hardened enough so that when you press on it with the stamp it doesn’t crack.

image011 image012

       The next day, prep your stamp with the black airbrush color and a paint brush. I was not careful I just brush the paint all over the stamp!


       To be sure that you have painted all the right places, and not too much color, blot it on a regular clean piece of paper until you get a image that you like. See how the image stamped on the bottom right is a little too inky…. The next was better so I was ready to stamp on to the cookies!

       Be sure to use firm and even pressure. The best part about using this stamp as my first go at it is that it is not meant to give a perfect picture. A little bit of imperfection on this postcard actually looks better!


       Next, I made this sketch of the Eiffel Tower to put into my KopyKake to project on to the cookie and piped it on the cookie using thick black icing.


And finally, I piped a combination of lines and dots to create a fun border.

       Here is the full set that I made for the party!



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