Welcome Baby Girl!!!!!


There are few things that excite me more than a new baby!!!!  I just love everything about them….Well almost everything poopy diapers and excessive crying excluded!  I can not resist snuggling with a newborn.  So you can imagine my excitement when my next-door neighbor had her baby last week!!!  Those snuggles will hopefully tide me over until my own little one arrives in May!

Needless to say an event like this requires congratulatory cookies! They had the most adorable baby girl and named her Makayla.  I did a little Facebook stalking and saw that they decorated the nursery in pink and grey (it was super adorable by the way!)  I wanted to do something really sweet in those colors that were obviously for a baby but also a little classy and a little sassy.   I decided to make some girly onesies and hearts.

Baby M 9

Baby M 4

Baby M 6

Baby M 8

Baby M 2


I can’t decide if my favorites are the ones with the little ruffle tutu or the ones with the little roses.  Which are your favorites?  Please leave a comment!



  1. Samantha Cassisi on

    Tough choice. Ultimate decision- I like the roses. I adore those heart cookies and my favorite onsie is the one with the big pink ‘M’ and the single rose. Congrats! I can’t wait to meet her!

    ~Sam C

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